Our family-owned company, Spoiled Foxx, is built from a solid foundation of passion, integrity and leadership.  As a personal handbag company, it is our purpose to bring you beautiful alternatives for your personal beverage container experience.

Spoiled Foxx‘s philosophy is a holistic approach that creates beauty without compromise.  Our products meet the most rigorous standards in design and function.  We are the next generation of practical professionals with the promise to deliver classy solutions to hold your beverage.

Our secret is, we listen to you, taking the time to understand your personal style and offer the best products for you to enjoy. We don’t just create a ‘pretty bag’.  Our talented team has worked with designers, fabricators and manufacturers to elevate our Spoiled Foxx handbags and set the standard in the handbag industry with beautiful form as well as simple function.  We are dedicated to serving you by helping you look and feel your best!

Why the name Foxx?

The owners, Angela and Shane, have the last name of Fuchs.  The Fuchs surname means “fox,” from the Middle High German vuhs, meaning “fox.” Sometimes used to describe someone considered crafty or clever – characteristics attributed to the fox. The name first came into use in the German state of Bavaria. Fox is the English version of this surname. Fuchs is one of the most common German surname.